10 Ways to Bless a Widow and her children on Father’s Day

10 Ways to Bless and Widow and Her Children on Father's Day

Father’s Day can be a very emotionally charged day for widows and their children. Widowed families are often surprised by how hard Father’s Day can become. Empowering this time takes faith, community, and planning ahead. Psalm 68:5 promises us, “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation.” If God … Read more

how to create a powerful and positive mindset

Do you ever ask someone how they’re doing and their answer is, “Meh, same old same old.” Not very inspiring or energizing, is it? If you’re not careful (especially if you’re exhausted) you may feel meh, out of control, overwhelmed or even like a victim. Here’s a news update: feeling like that is not a … Read more

how to stop thinking bad things about yourself

“You idiot — you’re so stupid!” “My dad was right — it was just a matter of time before I screwed up my marriage.” “I’m not smart enough to get a good paying job.” Here’s the Problem All of us at some point have scolded or shamed ourselves in our thoughts, some more frequently than … Read more

christmas’ big reveal (it’s not what you think)


Because the Christmas season is so close to the New Year, it’s often a time of reflection and evaluation of the last 12 months. Most years, we are too busy to stop and reflect along the way because life happens. Needless to say, 2020 has been a different experience. The busyness of getting places, whether the … Read more

how to move your focus from stress to rest

Stress. It’s a part of life, but it doesn’t need to be a way of life. When Nancy gets home from a long day of work, she’s different than when she left the house. She’s tired, for starters, but her temper is short. If the kids get into a squabble or ask too soon when … Read more

six battle tactics to beat the holiday blues

how to handle holiday blues

As she lifted the page on the calendar to reveal “December,” Sue could feel the tension in her body rising. Her throat began to tighten. Looking across the coming dates with their “command performance appearances” at her parents’ line-up of holiday parties, she thought back to her husband Jeff’s annual Thanksgiving blowout (or was it … Read more

what to expect at your first couples’ counseling session

first couples counseling session

However you got here, it’s likely you’re considering counseling for something that’s happening (or not happening!) in your relationship. Maybe you’ve been a together for a few months or years—maybe even decades—and right now you can’t seem to figure out how to make things better or “get back to how things were.” Counseling sounds nice, … Read more

baseball hitters, comedians, great business deals, and healthy relationships

baseball and relationships

Baseball hitters, comedians, great business deals, and healthy relationships… You might be wondering what in the world these things have in common. Well, every great batter, comedian, business broker, and healthy relationship partner has mastered something important. Timing. You can’t hit a baseball, make people laugh, close a profitable deal, or enjoy a healthy relationship … Read more

one question to guide your new year’s mindset

better mindset for new year

What if you take a different mindset as you look ahead into this new year (and every year going forward)? If you’re up for it, one question. Often January 1 serves as an emotional nudge for each of us to make a list of new resolutions (or readjust an unfinished list from last year) to … Read more

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