Rev. Greg Griffin, MA

Board Certified Pastoral Counselor
Forgiveness Coach

Rev. Greg Griffin

about Greg Griffin

I am an ordained Christian minister, Board Certified Pastoral Counselor, forgiveness coach and veteran ministry leader with a pastor’s heart. As a Christian marriage counselor, my passion and specialty is relationship repair and rescue.

Professionally, I’m:

Scholastically, I earned a Bachelor of Arts double major in Religion and Psychology from Randolph-Macon College, and also a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary.

areas of expertise

Greg Griffin's counseling approach

I’m a passionate optimist.

As a Christian marriage counselor, I have seen it happen, so I think marriages that have been written off or wounded by infidelity can be saved. I think strained or broken family relationships with children, parents or siblings can be restored, and old dogs can learn new tricks.

However, relationships don’t usually get better on their own, much like a broken arm won’t heal properly unless the injury is treated.

My solution oriented approach focuses energy on taking practical steps for the present and creating a desirable future, not rehashing past mistakes. What ultimately brings healing and relief (and God’s peace) is not feeling better, but thinking better. And the beautiful result of thinking better is feeling better, just like God intended all along.

No safer place. No better time.

Take the first step to a healthier and more fulfilling life. I offer sessions in person in our East Cobb office, by phone (770-310-7190) or video chat. Contact me today for a free phone consultation, or if you’re ready, please book a session by clicking the “contact us” button below. 


How long are the sessions?

55 minutes for a counseling session, and forgiveness coaching varies.

Do you take insurance?

I am an out of network provider. I’ll take on the insurance company for you by filing your claim for you after you make payment for the services. You may want to check on your plan’s coverage benefits (identified as behavioral or mental health benefits). Also, if you have a Health Savings Account card, I can swipe those at 100%.

When are you available, and how much are the sessions?

You can view my availability, view pricing and book a session by clicking the “contact us” button below. 

Would you like to know more, set up a free phone consultation, view availability or book a session?

Greg Griffin's statement of faith


God is, has been, and will always be. He created everything, and is still creating. God is over everything, and there is no other like Him. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine, no matter what “stuff” may be in your past or present.


Jesus is God’s Son. He came to earth to model God’s love and grace, voluntarily die on a cross for the sins of every person, and be brought back to life so we could all be reunited with God now and forever. Our sins have been bought and paid for by Jesus’ sacrifice. When we believe that Jesus is who He says He is, we find a perfect Friend who welcomes us with open arms just the way we are.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God’s actual Spirit that lives in us when we choose to be a follower of Jesus. The Spirit gives us amazing power and gifts, and helps us grow to be more like Jesus.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s Word for us, His children. It’s true and reliable.

Grace and Truth

God gives us grace to cover all our sin so truth can set us free.


Life is valuable beyond measure in all its dimensions, from the pre-born, to the aged, to the physically or mentally challenged, and in every season from conception through natural death. Human life is worth defending, protecting, and valuing.


Marriage matters because it is God’s design. God has ordained marriage and defined it as the covenant relationship between a biological man and a biological woman, and Himself.  God intends sexual intimacy to be within this covenant only, and any sexual expression outside of it is not only harmful, but saddens our Creator.

***This statement  does not exhaust the extent of my faith. The Bible is the sole and final source of all that I hold true, and for the purposes of this counseling practice, as sole proprietor I serve as the final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application within it.

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