Being an adolescent isn’t easy.

Often adolescents feel troubled and need an outlet for expressing themselves and working through their issues. If this is your son or daughter, you are not alone. They are not alone. As any adult remembers, the adolescent years are important formative years, and most (all!!) of us would not choose to go back and relive that time in our lives.

Mom, Dad, take a breath. There’s a healthy and hopeful way forward that we can find together.

We can help your son or daughter with:

We’ve each worked with adolescents for over 25 years, and we understand them and their culture. We have a heart to serve them and their needs, and enjoy being around them. Whatever is troubling your son or daughter,  we can come alongside the entire family and help each individual who’s struggling, to help reset and regulate the family dynamic back to a safer and more relaxed place.

As an adolescent counselor, we will be another positive voice besides Mom’s or Dad’s to help guide them through this important stage of development, and every kid can use someone else in their camp.

We offer sessions in person in our East Cobb office, by phone or video chat. Click to call today for a free phone consultation, or if you’re ready, book a session by clicking the “book a session” button below.

Talk to one or our adolescent specialists: Greg, Julia, Sylvester, Misha and Sabrina

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