men's issues

“I suffer in silence.”

Many men feel pressure be macho, strong, determined and goal oriented. The last thing a man wants is to be seen as weak or helpless in any way. The reality of life reveals that men go through things that they keep to themselves, bury their pain or deny that they have issues.

The problem is that which is buried or covered has a way of revealing itself, often in unhealthy ways, such as porn or other addictions. Men have real emotions like everyone else: frustrations, anger, sadness and anxiety. Men can also have unresolved issues that need to be addressed. They do not have to suffer in silence.

Men need a safe place where they can open up and not be judged or criticized for talking about their issues. We provide a safe space for men to discuss whatever issues they have, whether it is from the past or present circumstances.

We offer sessions in person at our East Cobb office, by phone or video chat. Click to call today for a free phone consultation, or if you’re ready, book a session by clicking the “book a session” button below.

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