trauma and emotional abuse

“I don’t know if I can recover from this.”

We go through some painful experiences at times. These  experiences can come from family, friends, spouses and coworkers. Sometimes people can say things or do things to us that leads to emotional abuse which is a type of trauma. Hurtful words, anger outbursts, putdowns, manipulation and gaslighting are all examples of emotional abuse.

Some people experience emotional abuse as a child, teenager or even an adult. No matter the age, the trauma from this abuse can lead to self doubt, fear, anxiety and insecurity. This pain tends to last unless it is addressed and dealt with.

With the grace of God and counseling, help and healing is available. You don’t have be stuck in your trauma or feel like you can’t overcome the pain. We are here to help.

We offer sessions in person in our East Cobb office, by phone or video chat. Click to call today for a free phone consultation, or if you’re ready, book a session by clicking the “book a session” button below.

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