Dungeon Times Survival Guide

when life hurts that much

What happens when life deals you a surprising, crushing, and painful blow so shocking that it sends seismic ripples down through you to the core of your being? Like losing a job? Or learning your family is splitting up? Or getting that phone call that the test results came back, and it is cancer?

How do you find your way in times of pain and heartache like this? Is there any sort of meaning and purpose in tough times that leave you feeling as though you’ve been tossed in a dungeon, forgotten and left to suffer alone?

This little book will infuse you with hope, motivate you to hang in there during the long days, and encourage you to make good use of your “dungeon” time so you’ll be prepared for what’s ahead.

Vital Faith

a devotional study of the book of James

For James, faith isn’t something to debate or just discuss—it’s for everyday life and use. Talk is cheap. Just do it.

Welcome to this exciting adventure called Vital Faith. Read through the book of James in small, tidbit-sized readings—just a few verses a day for 43 days. Even though you could read lots more each day, do your best to read just one day’s reading at a time. It might be tempting to read through this manual like a novel, just taking in the information in a passive manner.

But hold on, because James’ style is clear, direct and to the point. It will shake you and wake you. The theology here isn’t real deep, but it is a solid 100% application of the gospel of Jesus Christ in simple, easy-to-understand language. I encourage you to read the day’s verses and then reflect on what God has for you in His truth. Chew on it, stew on it, pray over it. Write any thoughts or questions to take to your small group that stir a response in you. Journal a few thoughts each day. Let this manual become a working tool to grow you more into the person God designed and desires you to be.

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