the one word that kills closeness

relationship closeness killer

Remember that old singsong saying about sticks and stones breaking bones? Yeah, I don’t buy it. I think it’s an outright lie. Words hurt. Often. They even hurt others when we weren’t trying. So class, today’s word is one of those “lazy” words we may say often without giving it a thought. It’s just one … Read more

prepare for Christmas

prepare for Christmas

Most likely we have all sang the Christmas carol, “Joy to the World” at one time or another. It’s easy to put it on autopilot when we get a few lines in. While singing this carol last week, I was almost stunned by the “aha” of the lines: “Let every heart prepare Him room.” (I know, … Read more

aiming for happy

finding happiness

How do you make “happy” happen? If you ask people what they want in life for themselves or for people they care about, many will answer with the “H” word- “I just want to be happy,” “I just want my children to be happy,” “I want my spouse to be happy.” Simple enough, right? I … Read more

your measuring tape

One of my favorite activities to do with a group is to lay a piece of rope on the floor or a stick in front of everyone and ask them how long it is without using any measuring tape. Usually I’ll cut the rope to a length of 11-14 inches, and I know exactly how … Read more

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