what the Evil One loves to hear us say

If you’re like me (and I know I am) you’ve said it before. It’s not some vulgarity; it’s not a slander or angry retort. It’s usually spoken or thought in a very soft, calm and manner. Yet our enemy loves to hear us say it or think it, because he’s planted the thought and we have bought it. So what is it that the Evil One loves to hear us say?

“I can do this by myself.”

See? A very nice sounding phrase. It’s not offensive or  doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. That’s exactly what the enemy wants us to think. The truth is, it’s a lie straight from that Father of All Lies. We were created by God for dependence, upon God and upon each other. If that sounds controlling or limiting, it’s quite the contrary. God desires that we benefit from the shared gifts and power that comes from dependent cooperation. Read that statement again. Benefit… gifts… power… all great things that we can use more of in our lives.

When we think we can or should do something by ourselves, we set ourselves up to play right into the enemy’s trap. Our resources and abilities are limited. They are finite. If he can get us out alone all by ourselves, no matter what the task or project may be, he WILL take us down, leaving us feeling alone and defeated. Life might allow us a few singular victories, but in our brokenness all it does is feed our pride, which the enemy loves as well. And sooner or later, in our own strength, we will fail or fall, neither of which feels good.

So, the moral of the story? God desires the very best for us and that happens in joyful, humble submission to Him and to one another. Counter intuitively, we are stronger, healthier, and happier. We were not designed to be alone; we were designed to “do it together”. Lean on God as often as necessary, and find some dependable people who have a heart to do the same.

Do life together with God and others.

The enemy hates it when we do that.

Rev. Greg Griffin is a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor and Forgiveness Coach in private practice in Marietta, GA. His specialty is relationship repair and rescue- helping partners, spouses, and parents and their adolescents. He’s also the author of Dungeon Times Survival Guide, and Vital Faith.

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