four strategies to get what you want in your relationship

four communication strategies

It happened again. When Angela asked her husband Justin to help her fold the laundry, he sarcastically complained about her lack of appreciation for all the things that he did for the family. Angela thought to herself, “What the heck just happened here? We’re getting into a conflict over the laundry! Is there any hope … Read more

six relational friction reducers

friction in relationships

In relationships, we understand that opposites attract. We think, “Hey, you’re intriguing and interesting to me.” Then after we get to know each other, and have been together for a year or two- or get married- those opposites can attack! What was cute when we were dating may become caustic if we’re not careful. There … Read more

lucky in love?

luck or love

  Irish or not, many of us love the idea of luck- lucky in love, lucky in the lottery, lucky in the March Madness bracket. We hope we’ll be lucky today… and tomorrow… and the next day. We have lucky numbers, and lucky rabbit’s feet, and any other lucky thing we think possesses that special … Read more

emotional baggage fees

emotional baggage

The airlines don’t charge us for our emotional baggage, but life does- every day. Our stuff drains our energy, poisons our relationships, & steals our joy. What if the airlines charged you for emotional baggage? “Let’s see, sir, you’re traveling with two large cases of anger, one duffel of puffed up pride, and a gym … Read more

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