The SPEEPS© Self Care Plan
paves the way for a
healthy, more satisfying and enjoyable life,
in body, mind and spirit.

NO MORE same old same old. No more muddling through the day, tired, sleep-deprived, crabby, stressed, anxious, eating and drinking thoughtlessly, only to fall into bed, tossing and turning through a fitful night’s sleep, and waking up to do it all over again.

SPEEPS© is your answer.

Why is Self Care SO Hard??

1- Life is full of distractions

2- The “I’ll do it later” mentality

3- The absence of a plan

Why SPEEPS© Works

1- Easy to understand (it’s an acronym and a palindrome)

2- Easy to use (takes about 3 minutes a day)

3- Easy to monitor and adjust (look at today, plan for tomorrow)

Truth: Self Care is NOT Selfish

"Without health, everything else multiplies by zeroes."

Shane Parrish

Self Care is smart. And responsible.

Self care is playing the long game.

You only get one life, and it’s not a sprint. To live in good health, mentally, spiritually, and physically requires a long view of life, and a solid plan to live it well.

Self care is playing the love game, too.

Make an investment in you and those you love. Be your best self- for you and for them!

If you don't take care of yourself...

who's going to take care of the people YOU take care of?

self care

The SPEEPS© Self Care Plan is YOUR unique plan,
not a one-way-fits-all kind of deal.

Who doesn’t want a healthy, more satisfying and enjoyable life? The SPEEPS© Self Care Plan works. This is not “just another program”. It paves the way for you to craft and sustain the healthy, more satisfying and enjoyable life that you want.

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