reconnecting as a couple after baby’s arrival

Welcoming a new baby into your home is an exciting and happy time. Even in the midst of the joy that comes with starting or expanding your family, new parents can understandably become overwhelmed and exhausted by the end of the day, and it can be difficult to focus on anything other than sleep. However, staying connected as a couple is an important part of your family’s health, and with a bit of strategic scheduling, you can have the best of both worlds. Life Transformed Christian Counseling identifies resources that will help guide you through this transitional period.

The Transition to “Mom And Dad”

Making the transition from being a couple to being parents can be challenging for some. Being aware of the changing structure and dynamic of your relationship can help you find creative ways to maintain closeness and intimacy that are essential for a successful marriage. According to Positive Psychology, it’s advisable to keep communication channels open and not be afraid to talk with one another about feelings of frustration or uncertainty as you start to explore this chapter of your life. While you and your partner will both undergo changes, committing to undergoing them together will help you stay focused on your relationship.

Communicate With Openness and Honesty

When you have a newborn, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do everything that you’d like to. Some couples feel pressure to get back to the physical elements of their relationship to reinforce the fact that even though they’re parents, they’re also a loving couple. Follow a course that feels right for you and your partner, and resist the urge to conform to any type of right or wrong approach to this important part of your marriage. Giving birth changes a woman’s hormonal and physical structure, and it takes time to rebound. Acknowledge this fact and don’t push yourself too far too fast.

Make Time for Each Other

Prioritizing each other will help you maintain a strong bond as a couple. According to Self, this means it’s important to carve out time that’s just for you, right from the start of your new journey as parents. Maybe it’s as simple as making a commitment to having a cup of coffee or tea together every morning, or carving out time to snuggle and watch your favorite movie together at least once or twice a week. While new baby schedules can be unpredictable, making small time commitments to one another can help ensure that you maintain your special bond.

Trust Others to Help

New parents often want to be self-sufficient and do everything on their own, but there’s no shame in asking for outside help. This could be in the form of reliable child care, housekeeping, meal delivery, or even errand running that frees up time to focus on your child and on each other. Don’t consider this a selfish act by any means. Children fare well in homes where love and commitment are on display. Ensuring a strong connection with your spouse or partner is essential to this formula. As your child grows, regular date nights and “alone time” should be part of your normal household routine.

It can take a little time for you and your partner to adjust to your new role as parents and create a new version of your loving commitment as partners. A flirty nightgown that doubles as a nursing gown, a favorite meal or activity, or an overnight getaway can help re-establish this important connection. Enjoy your new journey as parents, but make a consistent effort to remember parenting is just one aspect of your marriage – you need to nurture your personal bond as well.

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Guest post written by Emily Graham of mightymoms.net.

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