“How could this have happened to me? What happened to us?”

Too many people find themselves facing the shock, numbness and anger that comes from infidelity. Sadly, it happens in over half of marriages. Infidelity is one of the deepest wounds a marriage can experience, and yet it is something a couple can overcome, and many, many couples do. Those who do don’t try to go it alone.

My primary goal in therapy is to slow down, and heal. The pain is great right now, to be sure. Each partner has inherent baggage which will be carried into the future if it’s not dealt with. I can help guide both partners through the stages of personal healing, and then assess how to restore the marriage.

Through infidelity recovery therapy, often the marriage is healed to become stronger than it had ever been. Will you give your marriage another chance?

I know what a difficult time this is for you, so I pledge to do everything I can to provide a safe, friendly, and comfortable environment as I treat you with the compassion and respect you deserve, with the vision of a healed and stronger you than ever before.

Please don’t go this alone. Get the professional, caring support you need in this troubled time.

If you’re looking for an infidelity recovery counselor near me in East Cobb, I also offer sessions by phone or video chat. Contact me today for a free phone consultation, or if you’re ready, please book a session by clicking the calendar icon below.

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