what to expect at your first couples’ counseling session

first couples counseling session

However you got here, it’s likely you’re considering counseling for something that’s happening (or not happening!) in your relationship. Maybe you’ve been a together for a few months or years—maybe even decades—and right now you can’t seem to figure out how to make things better or “get back to how things were.” Counseling sounds nice, … Read more

the cure for resentment and bitterness

cure for bitterness and resentment

It’s easy to tell whether a wound has healed. If it still hurts when you think about whatever created the wound, you haven’t gotten over it yet. Often, to think about it again intensifies the pain even more. What you feel is resentment, and it’s sure to grow into bitterness if left untreated. Resentment and … Read more

baseball hitters, comedians, great business deals, and healthy relationships

baseball and relationships

Baseball hitters, comedians, great business deals, and healthy relationships… You might be wondering what in the world these things have in common. Well, every great batter, comedian, business broker, and healthy relationship partner has mastered something important. Timing. You can’t hit a baseball, make people laugh, close a profitable deal, or enjoy a healthy relationship … Read more

one question to guide your new year’s mindset

better mindset for new year

What if you take a different mindset as you look ahead into this new year (and every year going forward)? If you’re up for it, one question. Often January 1 serves as an emotional nudge for each of us to make a list of new resolutions (or readjust an unfinished list from last year) to … Read more

the common denominator in every successful marriage

successful marriage

In 1519, Hernán Cortés a Spanish conquistador, landed in on the shores of Veracruz, Mexico with 500 men and 11 ships, with a mission to conquer the Aztecs and colonize the country for Spain. He’s perhaps best known for ordering his men to burn their ships once they hit the shore, thus forcing them to accept … Read more

practical, wise advice for living

vital faith

(This is a sample entry from my book, Vital Faith, a daily study through the book of James. The book is available in print or Kindle on Amazon.) Day 2                                                    … Read more

laughter, the best medicine for marriage

the best medicine for marriage

When researchers ask couples who have been married over 50 years, “How did you do it?” there are some common denominators in what these couples shared. You might think that their marital success is rooted in the profound and cerebral. Not really. Salt of the earth stuff, like picking your battles, finding a way to … Read more

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